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It's weird.

The beginning is strange: they show you a few seconds of some catastrophe in the city, then switched to "good and happy old days" which seem to span weeks, if not months, but are being fit into 3 minutes, and then return to the catastrophe. This felt disjointed. I would have dropped the first few seconds, and then made the "good and happy old days" longer, at least 5 minutes, and show a bit more "flesh" of the 2 girls' relationships, so that viewers would care, when 1 of them dies.

Then a guy appears, who is probably one of the edgiest characters I can remember. Don't get me wrong, my own stories had edgy characters, there is nothing wrong with that, but... I could not get a read on this one. Like, is he just crazy or battle crazy? Is there anything besides fighting inside his brain? I mean, even Zaraki Kenpachi from Bleach felt more fleshed-out when he was first introduced.

To me it feels like this episode was built in a way to specifically cause "wow!" and "huh?" effects. The fights, did look nice, and I am of an opinion, that it's better to have a gripping start, but something tells me, this was used a cheap trick. Like it showed you stuff to make you want more, but next episodes will either have exactly the same approach and thus will become stale too quickly or it will have nothing even close to it, which will result in disappointment.

I will give this one a chance, but I don't have much hope for it so far.



Episode 2:

I am not sure I understand what's going on. Somehow this episode is completely unrelated to the 1st one, it is if it's a different anime. The only thing that connects the 2 is that "True Demon Lord" or something. Or is this meant to be an anthology, that will tells us like 10 separate stories, that will converge in episode 11 or something? The show clearly knows how to look cool, but I don't see where they are going with the story, to be honest.



Episode 3:

Dropping this after all, since it's inconsistent and incoherent. It could be an anthology - nothing wrong with that, but they are not paying enough attention to characters or the world, and each episode suggests that their stories are "big and complex", and not something that can be told in less than 20 minutes. Especially since they do spend a lot of time talking exposition.

It could also be a multi-threaded story, where there are multiple storylines, that are supposed to converge at some point. But if you've seen any relatively good TV shows or movies, you probably know, that you would want to switch between those storylines periodically within the episodes, and not just "1 episode - 1 story". Or, at the least, you would give a short flash-forward in the very 1st episode, to show a glimpse of whatever chaos ensues when the storylines converge. This show does not do either.

The only thing that seems to connect the stories so far is the world, and the fact, that no one knows who killed "True Demon Lord", and somehow, now people (?) need to select (??) a hero who did this (???). That does not even make sense. Let alone the fact that world-building is all over the place. The only thing they are good is delivering the feeling of how some random guy (or wyvern) can overpower other random guys (or wyverns). But honestly, I would rather watch Bleach, since it not only does that (at least sometimes), but also have some semblance of a story.