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This one is definitely not for those looking for good plot.

It felt weak all around. I did not care for the characters or their relationship, the necessity of weddings was not defined (which should happen in the 1st episode, when it's the main plot device). It also looked like the girl was transferred to "real world" because there was an assumption that she will be hunted. So maybe that was not even necessary? The fact that a monster attacked when she returned to her world does not really prove anything to me.

I guess the main point here would be forcing situations, where other girls will have to "marry" the guy, which will result in him collecting 5 rings and become local Thanos or something. Since hey will be "wed" in terms of this world, the girls will also be forced into embarrassing situations, just for the sake of showing ecchi scenes (which we already saw in this episode). Honestly, seems pretty weak even for an average harem anime.