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Eating monsters in anime is not particularly new, but previous stories did not forget about other sides of the story (or the world in general). This show seems to care only about eating monsters and nothing else.

I mean, take the very beginning of the show. The party's member (and apparently sister of one of the members) is literarily being eaten by a dragon, while sending everyone else to safety. Right after that 2 of the party members resign (seems like a classic case of rage-quitting), which already raises a brow. Then... No one seem to show any concern about the member being devoured. I mean, people say that they are, but it's not really visible in any way.

Yes, the fact that they were hungry, definitely affected their performance, so it's a valid strategy to get some food while on the way to the rescue. But why are they taking so long? By the end of the episode the girl should have been devoured and turned into poop. There is no sense of urgency at all, but we do spend a lot of time discussing how monsters are supposed to be cooked.

Speaking of... Apparently it's uncommon to eat monsters in this world. But then it somehow also has a book that describes how monsters or their parts should be cooked, or maybe should not be eaten at all. And there is suddenly a dwarf who knows even more, while party members are questioning validity of eating a monster in a public place. So which is it? Is it normal to eat monsters in this world or not?

If you like cooking shows, this may be enjoyable, I guess, but you probably should not expect much of anything besides cooking and eating. Perhaps they also need to publish a cooking book, with the recipes from the show, too. Oh, and you also need to enjoy the way the draw noses here: to me they feel a bit too long and weird.