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This is just trash. I read some Blue Beetle comics like a decade ago and they were fine, relatively good and relatively interesting. Not as good as Spider-Man comics were for me, but they probably had the closet alternative to them from DC (the one I knew of, at least). The movie, though... It's just... Trash. I don't have other words for this.

First 30 minutes or so were complete snooze-fest, and even when we passed that mark and got to see the suit - it still was not as exciting, because it did not make much sense. Jackie Chan's "The Tuxedo" was a waaaay better representation of a trope "I have a powerful suit and don't know how to control it. Even before that, why would the so "important" object as the Scarab be stored practically without security? Even B-Movies from 80s knew better.

I also did not care for any of the characters. They felt worse than any character in Arrowverse after like 4th season of "The Flash". In fact, I think if they introduced Blue Beetle to Arrowverse it would have been a much better fit. But instead we got another attempt from DC to be like Marvel, when even Marvel themselves has started missing a mark more often than not. DC needs to realize, that copy-pasting and making these "ha-ha" movies does no good to them, because that's just not what the audience want.