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I do not like character designs here, they feel... Undercooked? Lame? At least the one for 2 main characters. Which is a bit surprising, because in some frames the style reminds me of "Fairy Tail". The world setting is similar to "Otomege Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu", but with monsters that pull you into some parallel universe or something, and then cute girls with powers are supposed to save you.

The latter is, actually where the show lost me almost immediately. The team of the girls is supposed to be "professional", even "the best of the best" according to the main guy, but... Why did "scanning girl" need to extend her range of search? If the group's job is to rescue people, why would she not be using her full range? One could say that it's because its "taxing" for her, but she does not need to maintain the scanning mode all the time: trigger it, identify general locations of people, and disable it. This looks like a contradiction to me, and it's too early in the game, so I expect everything else will be as sloppy.

Speaking of "sloppy" - the bond(age) between 2 main characters is kind of non-interesting, really, and written by a teenager. And I think there was some other anime with similar concept in the past, too. Or at least where the guy was a slave to the girl, and that gave some powers to him. The "price" of the power does not even make sense, too. I can understand getting drained of stamina (or mana) for maintaining the "enslavement" (de)buff, but getting horny and being unable to control it?.. It also does not fit what was happening with the monsters, at least it did not look like she had to anything with them.

Anyway, looks like trash to me, so skipping this one.