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This is by far not the perfect movie, but I enjoyed it more than Oppenheimer, which I was not able to finish.

This movie is definitely head above a lot of other media in terms of attention to little details and the costumes. Loved this side of it, and I remember seeing lots of YouTube videos that went over all the details and how they are connected to real life or to other media. It also has a really good pacing, and overall feels more like an adult fairytale. Which may not be something for everyone, obviously.

I remember when it just came out a lot of people were praising the show for how females are portrayed, and bashed it for how males are portrayed. And there were some who did the reverse. I would say that both sides are correct. Not to go too much into details, patriarchy is depicted as the evil of the world, and matriarchy is the only way to save it. This is not only not true, but it is also shallow, and ignoring real examples of matriarchic rule.

At the same time, the movie does touch upon real issues that men face in real life, like the need to fight for even a slither of attention. This is good, but it gets kind of brushed off at the end, almost as if it did not matter, that that's what brought about Kendome. "Kenough" shirt is a good message, but it gets overpowered by the main message, that it is enough for women to just be ordinary. Which is also a good message, but...

The movie just forgot that in reality you need equality. You need both sides to be present and finding common ground. It is ok to be ordinary for both sides, and both sides can do amazing things. To be honest, for more than first half of the movie, I thought that would be the final message, but in the end it was muddied by "women are better", which felt disingenuous and worsened overall experience. The final scene, though did even more damage, but maybe I just did not get it, since I am a guy.

Either way, it was more or less an enjoyable experience. Overhyped? Probably yes. Worth a watch? Also, probably yes, if you temper your expectations.