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First few minutes, maybe 10 were more or less ok. Barely funny, but enough to keep going. In fact, I felt like it could have been a beginning of an average Christmas movie. There was no particular chemistry, but it felt like it may lead to some naive character growth, as often happens in Christmas romcoms. It did not last.

Even the overall premise is just stupid. Not the fact that the guy wanted to fly over to London over 1 date/day with a random girl - that I can understand to an extent, and that is also common for romcoms. But the fact, that his family was not really trying to stop him - that's extremely strange. Let alone tagging your inhaler - who does that?

Then the "spy stuff" started happening and... It just does not work that well. Let's be honest, the show is about a trope of some random person being tag-teamed with a pro, and we do like this trope, because it often gives a chance to mock other tropes, too. But what makes it work is that usually at least 1 part of the equation is highly professional, and highly skilled. Or just plain old "cool", at least.

That's not about Sadie. At least I did not feel any professionalism from her. I also did not see her do anything cool in the first moments of her "reveal", which is crucial for the audience to believe that the character is cool, so that we would also want to continue watching to see more cool stuff. So... I dropped the movie right after that, since it did not feel worth my time.