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I was sure that the hype around this movie would be underserved at least partially, but I would dare say it's not deserved at all.

This movie has great soundtrack, and quite good cinematography. It looks and sounds good, at least if you have volume normalization, because if you don't the dialogues can be drowned by the music. But that's rally all there is to it.

There are some, who say that this movie is boring, and there are those, who claim, that those "bored ones" just do not get it. And it's not "boring" in a sense, that it's slow or there's nothing going on. The "action" is non-stop here. If you can call "dialog" that.

There is constant talking, talking, talking, talking, and even more talking. There are scenes that change each other with insane speed. Which is somewhat surprising, considering the 3-hour runtime of the movie. This high pacing essentially overloads you. Because most of things being said are just pieces of exposition.

This speed makes characters shallow and uninteresting. They become a blur, and you do not care for a blur. This may be ok for secondary characters, that are shown for a few seconds only, but even Oppenheimer himself feels that way. There is just no time spent to build-up an atmosphere around the character, to build the character itself, and develop it afterwards.

In a way, it's like a modern Marvel's movie, but without the action. I would much rather prefer a slow TV show split into 2 or 3 season than this movie. In fact, I would even recommend watching Lessons in Chemistry rather than this one: that show managed to not just develop the characters, but also show how science played actual part in that.

So, yes, don't watch this, unless you are looking just for an eye- and ear-candy.