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I found this one boring. I have not played the games, but my understanding was that they were largely about fighting, and a bit about somewhat creepy atmosphere. There were 2 fights in the 1st episode and none of the creepy atmosphere.

Fights did look pretty good, although I've seen way better, especially in more modern anime. But the atmosphere was just plain boring without much of a hint of mysticism until the very end of the episode. And when it did show the demonic nature of the show, it just did not grab onto me. I mean, there were people right there for whom this would have looked ridiculous, but they did not seem that fazed about a demon. Or at least I did not feel anything from how they were portrayed.

The animation is not bad, by the way. I am still mostly on the fence in regards to how CGI is used in modern anime (since it's usually done poorly), but Onimusha is probably one of the better ones. Of course, you can tell that it's CGI, since it's not as fluid in some cases, but I think animators knew about limitations of the technology and were able to work around them nicely.