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I have not read the books and I do not think I have watched the movie adaptation, but I do like these kind of magical stories. From the latest "Locke & Key" and "The Hardy Boys" come to mind. I've heard a lot about Percy Jackson series, so thought to give it a try.

I was bored. Which felt strange, because the pacing was really fast. But I just did not have anything to latch on. Everything felt really mediocre. Yes, I understand, that some elements of the beginning of the story are cliche, they have been done dozens of times before, but... They have been done dozens of times before, so one would hope that people know how to make those cliche elements work on screen. Apparently, they don't.

I did not care for Percy and Grover's friendship. I did not care for Grover's "betrayal". I did not care for Percy's father. I did not care for Percy seeing things, and people thinking him weird. I did not care for Percy himself. And I like an underdog as much as the next person. But underdogs we like usually have something going on for them, something in their character: maybe they are smart, maybe they are witty, maybe they have some interesting moral compass or dream or obsession. I did not notice anything like that in Percy, who felt like a complete waste of space. If I can't be hooked by the titular character, I am certainly not going to waste my time on the show with that character.