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I did not play the game, I just watched the cinematics' compilation, but I do have something to say about it. It's probably the best Mortal Kombat story I've seen so far.

Granted, it's not perfect. There is a very valid critique, that this game has too many "good guys". But that does make sense in the lore of the game. And, let's be honest, most characters were portrayed as "evil" mostly for the sake of "being evil": when you thought a little bit about their motivations they were quite petty. If they existed at all, because quite often they were just following someone else for no clear reason.

What makes it good is really good direction and pacing. The way you switch from character to character just works better here, compared to previous games. Even the overall plot makes much more sense to me, if I forget about the fact, that Liu Kang could have recreated the universe in a way that worlds would be completely separate. Maybe even without magic. Although the new universe still felt much more "grounded" compared to previous iterations (yes, even with multiverse spin).

I think this kind of story could have been a modern incarnation of "Conquest", the show from 1998.  I can see how it could have been split into separate episodes, where each episode would focus on 1 of the characters, but yet move the overarching plot forward. In fact, I would prefer a CGI show done with this level of quality to another live-action attempt.

My point is, that I enjoyed this way more, that I anticipated. I would even recommend watching the cinematic compilation, if you have 4 hours to spare.