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2 or 3 days ago I accidentally stumbled on a video (sadly did not save a link), where a guy decided to vacuum his mattress, because he also saw this in another video. He used a Dyson vacuum with, what looked like, regular floor head. He showed how much dust was collected and it was quite a lot.

I was skeptical. Especially since I do use bed-sheets over the mattress, and it's generally covered with a blanket, at least. I was thinking, that there should not be that much dust collected inside the mattress's cover. Since I was changing my bedsheets today, I decided to try it out, though, to see for myself.

I use Dreame T20 with upholster head. It's suction power much lower than Dyson, as far as I know, but still pretty decent at maximum setting. I went across the whole mattress 3 times, not rushing too much. The results... Surprised me a bit. The amount of dust that was collected from my single bed was considerable. Definitely not as much as the guy collected, but I think he also had a double bed. But it was still more than I expected even though it's a 2-year-old mattress.

So, looks like there is a valid reason to do this. Doubt you really need to do this every week as some online articles are saying, unless you have very flaky skin or some skin condition like eczema, though. Personally, I will be vacuuming my mattress once per 2 or 3 months, which feels a bit more reasonable to me. Definitely won't be using floor head, because that's just plain disgusting.