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This the only TV show from Marvel Cinematic Universe so far that I dropped after the 1st episode. Well, there was Helstrom, but that incoherent bla-bla-fest it technically not part of MCU, so does not count.

People were saying that She-Hulk was a bad show, and it was bad overall, but it could be a fun watch if you did not try to take it seriously even in the serious moments. There was good pacing, there was a lot of humor (even though sometimes it was questionable), there was some action... There was stuff going on, that overall had some semblance of resolution.

In Secret Invasion, you've got none of that. It was extremely generic and boring, when it's supposed to be high-stakes spy show. Even recent Citadel show was way better, because it had the actual spy action, which was the main thing people usually want from such shows. And it had personal stakes, not just generic "they have a bomb thing or virus, let's stop them".

Here even the premise makes little sense. Like, why exactly did Nick return? What's so special? I did not feel any danger from the "resistance". In comics the dangers were real, because Skrulls were everywhere for centuries, and have infiltrated all organizations. In the TV show it's more like "we don't want to look like humans, so we will build a bomb". That's so stupid: infiltrate governments and orchestrate an event where Skrulls are introduced to the world, and then "legalize" and "normalize" them.

Even though, I dropped this after 1st episode, I did fast-forward the other episodes, and they are mostly more of the same - talking, talking, talking, a couple of shots from a gun, talking, talking... That's not a spy show, that not an alien invasion show. That's a podcast at best. Total waste of time.