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The camera work here is amazing, second only to the lighting job, which is able to create a special atmosphere... Which may not fit the actual show. Or at least what one would expect based on its official premise (unless they read the book, probably, and I have not read it).

While it was enjoyable to see the show, it was not so enjoyable to watch the show. Through-out the whole first episode I was questioning it: what is the point you are trying to make? Do you really have anything new to say? But then the ending of the 1st episode and beginning of the 2nd one showed the show's true colors: it's not about a connection of a German soldier and a French girl through their love of radio, no. This is about [alleged] curses and stones carrying those.

But this was not the only thing that prompted me to drop the show. While I am not a fan of Indiana Johns movies, I really enjoyed The Mummy series, so would not mind curses thingy. What put me off in the end, is how everything looked... Sterile? Clean?

The circumstances of quite a few scenes suggest that people participating in them probably should have some level of dirt on them, whether on skin or just clothes. But they generally do not. Not even that artistically placed one. And while it does make a pretty picture, it ruined my suspense of disbelief even more after learning about the curse and its part in the show.