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The premise of the show is good. Yes, they kinda spoil potential fun right in the trailer, but people love shows when someone "righteous" partners up with some criminal to catch other criminals. And there are quite a few shows that do good job in describing psychology, the mindset of a criminal. This one ain't it.

This did not really come through the trailer, but it became obvious to me in less than 10 minutes: the main agenda of the show is to once again be "woke" and show how white men are either bad (criminals) or utterly stupid and incompetent.

The first victim - a black boy, and his captor - a white male. Ok, this may be just a coincidence. The second victim (who is just mentioned, unless I missed something) - a black girl, and supposedly no one is looking for her, because there is a different girl, a white one, that has media coverage. The way things are phrased and framed, her being black is the reason. Everyone is looking for the white girl not because their parents seem wealthy, potentially famous, and thus can afford the media coverage (which is still not a good thing, I will agree), but because she is white. And blonde. That also somehow adds priority to her.

Then the third victim is also a black girl, but this time her foster parents are white, and their house is "a mini prison". I honestly stopped watching right after this, because is was clearly going for white foster parents adopted black kids to abuse them. You know, how 3 victims mean serial killer, so 3 instances should be enough, especially when they are supported by "the team" having only 1 male, who looks more like Hispanic to me. Oh, and yeah, the lead was a black girl kidnapped by white man.

And I am not saying, I am against a "diverse" team - I do not care for that at all, as long as the characters are written properly. And I am not going to deny, that cases of white men (or families even) abusing people of other races do not happen - they do, and maybe they have a higher rate (honestly do not know). But for a show, that could have talked about a serious problem of lack of resources for finding missing people, or kidnappings in general, it seems to be too focused on a very specific type of crimes. Some people may find that appealing, but I do not.