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I see why people would probably like it, since it's somewhat crazy and has good pacing, but... It's not crazy enough for me to ignore a major plot-hole: how exactly did Fuko came to realization, that that's her causing the unluck? Especially considering how random the deaths are, doubly especially considering the random time lag. Without a way to freely experiment (which seems unlikely for the character) it would have been next to impossible to say for sure (although depression and self-blame would be quite real).

Andy's logic is also a bit strange: why would he think her unluck will kill him? Even without her, would it not be possible for him to just stop regeneration, which he does seem to be able to control somehow? Or even that is problematic, in most (if not all) fictions, obliterating the brain is the pretty final. Or filling one with something like cement or liquid metal, while also covering the whole body with it.

I also do not like that the immortality does not seem to have any drawbacks. It looks like he does not feel any pain, he can use his regeneration to propel himself at high velocity, probably also does not feel hunger or at least does not need eat a lot. For me that's kind of a turn off.

I agree, that some of my complaints may be answered later, but they are accompanied by the fact, that even though the show is not that crazy, it's still tiring enough for me.