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I really liked the previous Tales from the Borderlands game. It was not perfect, same as any TellTale game really, but it was fun. It gripped you from the very start and did not let go till the very end. It had just the right amount of insanity and ridiculousness to keep you reminded, that this is a Borderlands game, but had enough good narrative for it to be... Somewhat realistic, I guess? Or maybe just "human"?

This one, though... It's atrocious. It's beginning is sooooo bad from narrative perspective, that it took me literally a minute to know, that I won't be playing it, but I still tried. I hoped, maybe it's just 1 character which is being over-the-top and stupid (despite being a scientist), and other are better, but... No. They are not. Frigging TIMM-E robot in the first sequence was way more consistent, grounded and believable than any other human I've seen within like 40 minutes.

I understand this is supposed to be a comedy, same as with all other Borderlands games, but people do not talk like that. They are not that aimless and pointless in the world they live in. At least, not when you want them to be main characters. Even if you want them to be "underdogs". People like underdogs, but they like them, when they have something to like them for. These characters do not. Or maybe they do, but there is not even a glimpse of that during their introductions, and there is no action happening, which could explain the delay of us seeing those qualities (like in the previous game).

I am glad I got this for only like 3 or 4 euros, but I would not mind getting those back. Sadly, 2 weeks has passed a long while ago.