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Anime about MMO made by people, who never played an MMO, I guess. Or probably any decent RPGs for that matter.

  1. If archery was this useless, it would not be implemented into the game. It's not worth it to keep a mechanic, that no one will use. In real games archery is popular, because it provides you a level of mobility. I started FFXIV as pugilist/monk, but then switched to archer/bard quite early, because of that.
  2. While potions may be cheap from vendors, usually crafted ones may be even cheaper in terms of money spent (you do need to spend time on them), and often have higher potency, as well. So, while you won't make tons of money with crafting those - you can still use them for yourself or sell in area where there are no vendors (like in the field). Also, alcohol is often considered a potion, so in this "free life" type of game, you could probably craft and sell that.
  3. Sneak requires MP? What? I do remember some games requiring something like stamina when you move while sneaking (did Skyrim have that?), but MP is completely irrelevant here, unless you are using some kind of invisibility spell. And it will still be popular even then, because it can be used to initiate a fight with an advantage of some sort or help escape a tough fight.
  4. Wind magic is useless? Remember Naruto: wind empowers fire. And it will not be useless against earth, as well, because you can still push or even throw things with it. Heck, you can lift yourself up and fly like avatar Aang did.

This the stuff that good RPG gamer knows, but they then present the powers of these skills as some sort of revelation, which does not make sense, if this guy is a gamer, even a casual one.
Shop girl is cute, though.