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It's essentially Hero Academia, but dialed back down in every aspect. Not everyone has powers, but heroes are common. Touches dark topics but lets them go quickly not letting them actually affect the characters... And the lead is supposed to be Bochi the hero, I guess, but it does not really make sense, unless she was forced to become a hero, which may not be the case. It lacks weight, overall.

It is also a bit weird with physics, I think. The girl that got into a hospital in the beginning should not have fallen into coma or whatever, because the carts for roller coasters are designed specifically to reduce motion of the body due to inertia coming along the length of the cart. She could have hit her head against the headrest hard enough to lose conscious and maybe get a concussion, but that would not leave her unconscious for a month. And then during the fire SHY threw the child away into the window when she got scared by a gust of fire... Like, why? I can understand if she dropped him/her, but for the child to be sent flying out of the window, across like a dozen of meters at least - that's ridiculous.