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I do not really see what people are hyped about, to be honest. This is not necessarily trash, but it is very subpar. I did not feel anything towards the characters, as they felt extremely superficial. It is one of those cases where they tell you about how "strong" the relationship is, instead of actually showing it in a meaningful way. In fact, Ragna himself tells this the best way, like "why the hell did I not become stronger to protect Leo?"
Then they tried to spice things up with:

  1. Random kingdom obliteration because a cake shop was robbed (instead of helping the shop recover).
  2. Time travel, which rarely bodes well, when it's done in the first episode. Let alone through visions.
  3. Merging with silver sword. Not only it does not make sense in real world, it does not seem to make much sense in this world either (based on what has been shown in almost 50 minutes of screen time).

The dragons with vampire-like weaknesses may be a somewhat interesting concept, and the moment when Ragna overpowers the dragons does look somewhat cool, but that's not enough for me to stick to this show.