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This is supposed to be a romcom, I guess, but… It was not funny, but sad on all accounts. It’s not just the stereotypical male lead, who is “average virgin geek”, as he himself put it: I think most of us are tired of this, but some of us do resonate with such characters, so sometimes it’s ok. It is also the girl, who is actually being abused by all other guys and does not realize that, which only tells that this is another case of parents shying away from their duty to talk to their kids.

And if you are hoping to see another case of Dress-up Darling - throw that hope away before entering. Marin and Gojo had their own criticism as characters, and anime as a whole did too, but it definitely was not this shallow: even the very first episode clearly showed them as absolutely standalone characters with their own passions and dreams. Here you will only get “I like you because you talked to me casually asking for a pencil” and “I like you, because you like me”, and these statements seem to be the only things defining the characters. Everything else, that will be added in following episodes will fill just as shallow, superficial and out-of-place.