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Sting me, and the blood will run;

The clouded of dust covers the sun.

And the Moon is squeezing

Out the pain,

And the stars are weaving

Right through my veins

The World Wide Web.

It is like a drug

And I’m gonna snap.

That entire staff they’re shitting out on us

It’s killing and don’t even warms us.

All the pages, that a heretic,

They are filled up with erotic.

Close the window now:

It may be censored

By the virus, that’s trying to make ya,

Or by the spam-filter, that is just broken,

Or was it just the system provoked?

It doesn’t matter,

All your brain is a shatter,

And it can be restored from a backup file,

And all that words just make me smile.

I’m gonna take my computer

(Not going to confuse ya)

And throw out the “Windows”

In Recycle Bin,

The blood striking my chin

After the headshot killing

And a grenade screaming.

People are killing and think it is cool,

Researching the “Iceworld” or a damned fucking ”Pool”.

Bullpull, MP-5, AK-45…

Do ya want to strive?

I wanna cut your throat,

Take ya head and play football…

But that’s of no reason,

I’ll gonna on melee

On that fucking Gates,

Who fucks your face,

And stop your silly life, that is PC-addicted.