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Music from “BAE” is not my style, for sure. Visually looks good if you look away during CGI dances. Even though the phantom metal seems out of place and does not really make sense (hallucinations and illusions are different things, for starters), I will give it a chance, since there is some mystery from the looks of it.



You know how sometimes you listen to a song and it touches you so deeply, it sends shivers down your spine, gives you goosebumps? The opening to this anime gave me that. But those were goosebumps of bad music, with shivers of cringe triggered by every English word. I know, I get it, some people do like this kind of music, and sometimes there are tracks, that have really good production, but this one is one of the majority, which is just bad taste.

Also, what the heck with this phantommetal? Why would anyone suffer it in professional capacity? Like, I can understand people using it as recreative drug, because people are stupid like that, but if it allows you to create illusions without even modifying you psychological state... What's the point? Why would it worth suffering?
I have bipolar type 2, and even though now I know about it, know how to counteract certain things, have medication, when I have depressive episodes I still suffer. What they describe is a proper serious depressive episode, possibly a meltdown. Willingly going for it without the high is just illogical.

Furthermore, it does not make sense: the violet-haired brothers complain that they are poor, but they were good to be selected, which would also require them to be known around, some having some level of fame... And they did not earn anything? Like, ok, if they are new to the scene, maybe they do not have tons of money, but being dirt-poor sounds like a stretch.

Guess I should not expect much of a story or lore from a music project, which uses the story for flavor (based on what I understood from quick googling).