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From the very start I did not have much expectations, and… I was right doing that.

This is a classical trope about super detective, who is antisocial and “quirky” in some way, and more specifically a sub-trope of super detective not working for some reason, while allegedly being good. You will get the usual “I see pollen on your jacket” stupidity quite soon.

But being a trope does not make an anime bad. In this case lack of logic does. 2 most obvious flaws for me were closer to the end of the 1st episode. First is minor: it was claimed that a phone was used to record “confession”, but there was no way for that to happen, especially, since it would have required video recording. Second is way bigger: the recluse detective would need to know of the existence of the shop to even think to link it somehow to the crimes based on a map with no real detalization. And no super memory and remembering things from the past wouldn’t work here, because the way the shop operated could have changed dozens of time (and it was important).

So, not sticking to this. Bad logic and detectives do not mix.