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This show is atmospheric, but, in the end, goes nowhere with the plot.

The shots, the music, the overall direction is able to maintain an atmosphere of... Distress? Uncomfort? It delivers on feeling that something weird is going on, and you do question everyone's motives, which is, probably, the point of the show. It also periodically adds new characters, so that you would think: "Aha! Now this person is the real culprit!", but...
What ending you can deduct from the show's premise - that's what you will really get. All the characters turn out to be quite flat, and the whole show is just a poor attempt at "mind tango". Which is too bad.

You see, the show actually is centered on a very real problem of mental abuse so strong, that you can not escape it yourself, even when you know you're suffering. Even though things in the show might be somewhat exaggerated, this stuff does happen and ruins people's lives. It had opportunity to be deep and properly complex, similar to how "Cruel Summer" was (at least 1st season: I haven't watched the 2nd one yet). Alas, opportunity totally wasted.