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A few things feel off to me. I am not a firefighter, and my knowledge is limited, but as far as I know firefighter squads are way more serious and tight knit than any police or even army squad due to nature of the work. I would also imagine it attracts certain types of people, that would not be harassing students for stepping over a rope, even though rope is an important tool, indeed.

I would also think the training would take more than 25 days, and had bonding and communication as development. Again, due to risk of the job, you need trust and you need to be able to talk. You are fighting a poorly predictable but extremely deadly element after all.

Yet we see not only signs of poor training regime, but a guy, who completed this training and is not talking, and apparently no one fights to fire him, which would be appropriate. By not communicating, he risks his life, lives of his colleagues and of the people they are saving.

All of this gets topped by facial animation that just doesn’t sit right with me, and creates a feeling of disbelief as result.