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First season of Ragnarök was pretty good. Maybe somewhat cliched with going for an "underdog" type of story, but quite decent still. Atmospheric, intriguing to see how the Nordic mythology will intertwine with modern Norway., and it mostly made sense.

Second season started the weird power dynamics where initiative was going from one group to another, but still made some sense and it ended up with a fight, that did have weight both in how it was directed and its impact to the world of the series.

Third (and thankfully final) season essentially dumped everything, that was previously built on, flattened out most if not all the characters and became what anime fans call "edgy" in its worst meaning. A lot of the times actions just did not have any logic behind them, if we are talking about real life and real human beings (even if they are god-like). The power struggle felt like cheap ping-pong that was worse than the worse moments of any Arrowverse show or MTV's Teen Wolf.

And I think they tried to justify the poor quality by the ending. It was not just unsatisfactory and stupid, it was the worst possible ending that they could have done for the show. They probably hoped it would pull a "Fight Club" on us, but no. The last did not fit with anything that happened in the whole series before, and it made zero sense even from psychological perspective.

I was severely disappointed with the third season. It was a chore to watch it, but I did not even get satisfaction when it ended. So watch the 2 first seasons and then just use your imagination to play out the rest.