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I came in without any expectations at all. In fact, I thought that I will drop it after 10 minutes (at the least the art style is not exactly my thing), but I stayed till the end and it hit me right in my kokoro. It's been a very long time since I've seen a story that both uplifted me and made me pause to think at the same time.

It may start as somewhat cliched with description of an uptight society, which gets uprooted by a sudden tragedy, after which people rush to judge the victim. Then it gets overturned by a rebellious vibe, and you may start to think it will be a story about a misfit, a punk... But ends up as much deeper story.

This is one of those stories, that is all about acceptance. Of who you are, of who others are, of your own mistakes and mistakes of the others. It is even about depression and identity crisis, and how one misstep, one chance of lashing out can change one's life.

I grew up on stories like this. Stories that teach to accept the differences around you. It's not an easy job, but it can be so fulfilling. If Putin did not lack such stories in his childhood, maybe he would not see monsters behind every conner and there would be no war today.

Also, this movie has a cool soundtrack, they need to release it as an album.