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It took me 5 minutes of the 1st episode to understand that I will not be wasting my time on this show. Since this is what opens the series, I do not consider this a spoiler, so here's the stupidest thing (or things, maybe), that turned me off.

So there is a dead girl with sewed shut lips and eyes and needles in ears. The protagonist deduces from her pictures on the wall, that her mother is not her mother, because she is adopted (why did not the adoptive mother mention this during her questioning?), and that her real mother lives in the building, possibly in attic.

There is no one in the attic, but he also deduces, that she may have a secret room, based on... Nothing really? But then they do find that there is a fake wall, and the entrance to the room behind it is like a vent cover. Now, the logic leaps to this moment are already... questionable, let's say, but I could assume the guy is like Sherlock Holmes or whatever. But here's the catch, that made all this fall apart...

The vent cover was barricaded from the outside. And the murderous mother was inside a room, which also looked quite spacious for people not to know it is there and not to have a normal door. So how the hell did she barricade herself from the outside, while being inside and cutting her wrists? Telepathy? And even before that, why would she kill her daughter, that learnt about her being her biological mother, if she went through a lot of inconvenience of hiding in the attic to BE with her daughter? "So that she could never tell the truth" is not a real explanation.

I mean this is stupid. Extremely stupid and in the very first minutes of the show. In my mind this is unacceptable for procedural crime series. And even the somewhat good atmosphere in the beginning did not save it for me.