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So there is this new TV show, called "Naked Education". It got a lot of criticism, as some news articles say "fury" even. Checking the comments that people leave about the show, though... Well, they are exactly the reason, why I believe such show SHOULD exist. Or rather why it may be a good idea to have something like this as part of school education.

All of the negative comments focus on minors seeing naked adults in front of them. They forget, that the same minors has already seen porn (as was confirmed in 2nd episode, with one of the boys saying he saw it at 11, and let's be realistic, this is quite "mild" nowadays). But even if they had not, what's wrong with seeing someone naked? I mean, besides cases like peeping, which is arguably immoral.

The whole point of the show is to SHOW different bodies and normalize them. Help people (not only teens) understand that average people are not like the actors neither in porn, nor in regular movies. They are perfectly flawed, and that nakedness does not automatically mean anything sexual.

I think we need the new Renaissance, so that people will stop shaming each other's and their own bodies and start learning that there are no standards here. The more the young people will learn about different bodies - the less they will bully or get depressed because of not being perfect, and the more time they will spend on finding themselves.

Schools generally have art classes, right? Normalize drawing naked models for a couple of classes - that already will be a huge start. It will allow you to show different bodies and find beauty in them.

This is not to say that the show itself is perfect. Far from it. Personally, I do not like how they have 3 topics and jump around from one another. I would prefer having 20 minute episodes where they focus on 1 topic, but maybe go a bit deeper and where necessary talk a bit more seriously about stuff, and not as "always up-beat" as the show does it now.

But, gods, this is something that our society NEEDS, to work on reducing of mental stress caused by strive to unrealistic beauty standards, that have nothing in common with real life.