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Yeah, "Morbius" adaptation is not good. There were some good shots during fights, but they were far in-between. I think it fails the same way as Venom 2, but even more.

Venom worked, because Eddie was figuring out his new status quo, the movie was focused on that, it all made sense. Venom 2 tried to expand with Carnage, which did not really fit the atmosphere and the character of Eddie, because... He was not a hero. Which was clear from the get-go, but the movie was trying to show him as a hero. Kind of like "Black Adam", too, in fact.

Morbius was worse, because it did not know what it wants from the start. It tried to be "moody" and somewhat about moral choices of a vampire, but they did not really go for anything remotely "psychological". At the same time, they fail to provide enticing action, even though there are quite a few action scenes. It's like it has an identity crisis.

Considering, that we are supposed to get a new "Blade" movie as part of MCU, I think it could be much better to introduce Morbius alongside with Blade, where Blade is hunting him presuming, he is a villain (because of loss of control). You know, kind of like in the Spider-Man TV series from 1990s. Would make much more sense.