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I finished "Inside Man" mini-series released recently, so that you would not need to. No, really, don't waste your time on it even if you like David Tennant.

The show tries very hard to seem smart, while almost any interaction between characters is utterly unnatural and stupid. And yes, I know, that "people are stupid", but not to this extent. They will not act like that under these circumstances.

One would also think, that having an inmate acting as Sherlock Holmes is a good idea... But no. It's already a trope and it has been done much and much better before. Here's it is more like a bunch of cliches done with no feelings behind them.

I was kind of forcing myself to finish it, hoping, that maybe in the end there will be an interesting twist... But alas. In fact, during 3rd episode I thought out a twist, that would have turned the whole story upside-down and properly connect, essentially, 2 separate stories. I was hoping that that would be the case, even though it was somewhat obvious, but no. Another opportunity lost to poor writing.

The only good thing is that it kind of mentions the approach to support, that I preach: "assumptions are good only when you try to validate them". But that's not something most people will be interested in.