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Finished watching "Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story". It is quite good watch. In a sense, that artistically it is good, like the somewhat sticky atmosphere, and minor details, that would normally be glossed over. There was 1 thing, that I did not like and 1 that I think could have been better.

During the 1st episodes, which were focusing on Dahmer himself, there were a lot of time jumps, which did not make much sense to do at all. I am not talking about some sort of flashbacks, but literal "jumps" in the middle of the episode. I would not mind them, if it was clear which of the scenes are "the past", but unless we were seeing Dahmer as a kid - it was quite difficult to distinguish. I believe this story would be much better as something more linear.

Which was proved right in the 2nd part of the series, which unfortunately had a different issue for me: it focused on people around Dahmer or his victims. Granted, those stories probably needed to be told, especially those after he was caught. But there were at least 2 episodes that were taking place during his killings, while in the main "continuity" of the series he was caught twice already: in the beginning of the series, and then in the middle of it, as we "relived" the event with some more details.

I guess, in a way, my 2nd complaint is very similar to the 1st one: those events should have happened in a linear fassion. Or, alternatively, as much shorter flashback during court hearings shown later in the series.

But otherwise, it's still quite a compelling story. There is no psychosis or any craziness here. Just monotonous and almost mindless cruelty.