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Similar to the previous game, I think the art style is the main selling point still, although there are improvements in other areas. I like a more open world, although it is still quite linear. The notes, audio logs and side quests did expand the world a little bit, which is great, too. The fighting is still kind of "meh", IMHO, stealth is just a bit better, but the teleport ability is definitely a game changer.

The weakest episode of the game is... The ending. I do not mean the ending in itself, but the gameplay sequence leading up to it. It could have been very juicy, but weird camera and controls (delay and strange sway to the left) made it feel rather tedious than juicy. It also did not make that much sense based on lore.

I really want continuation of this game, but with a Bioshock-like gameplay, "immersive sim". That is a more open and living world, where NPCs interact with each other and the world, and a more cohesive and through-through lore that binds everything together.