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I tried liking this game. And the beginning was very intriguing in terms of the story, at least it felt that way when I tried a pirated version. A few first minutes were enough to tell me: I need to buy this, it promises to be good. So I did buy it. And then I tried playing more.

I knew there will be lots of walking, and I thought I could live with that for the story. Firstly, the walking is not just long, but annoying, because of mechanics attached to them. And I can understand the reasoning for the mechanics, but when there is so much barren land to cover while suffering from them... That was already sucking the life out of me.

Secondly, the story... No. It has a really good hook, but than it starts falling apart right away with myriad of little things, that just show that whoever wrote this, has no idea how people behave in real life and has no talent to imagine how they could behave in these extraordinary circumstances. And even outside of human behavior lots of practical things in the world simply do not make sense.

Every single interaction after was painful for me. I would not call my self a literature critic or something, but I just could not bare it. And definitely am not going to bare it through boring yet somehow overwhelming gameplay.