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Very tough choice with Steam's yes/no approach, but I will choose "no". Gameplay-wise, or more specifically, shooting, riding a bike and general exploration - it's quite solid. The world is quite atmospheric, and portions of the story, can be atmospheric as well... Until they are not. I think the story is very inconsistent through-out the game.

Sometimes it is feels quite emotional, but then you get some quest, that feels like a filler, because you drive half the map and then have 1 dialogue line and that's it. Sometimes behavior of certain characters is quite logical, considering the circumstances, but then there comes a quest, that would not make any sense if the game's world was real and there were real people involved. Especially, if there is something sciency involved.

There are also a lot of moments, when for like 10 minutes I have no quests at all and I am just need to drive around doing nothing, waiting for the game to decide, that it's time to activate a new quest, which may not even have a dialogue over the radio. Which breaks the pacing, which is already all over the place.

I definitely like how quests can be part of several storylines, though. I have not seen this anywhere else and it kind of makes sense in a games like this. Again, if only the quality of the story was consistent through-out the whole game. And because of this, and only because of this I am choosing to not recommend this game, because story and it's consistency is very important to me. And there are definitely open-world games, that do it somewhat better.

But if you do not care - then sure, you can buy it at a discount and have some fun killing freaks.