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Not sure why I even bothered playing "Wolfenstein: Youngblood", when I was not really a fan of "New Colossus". Probably getting it with significant discount mattered. And this I can tell you from the get-go: do not buy at full price.

The story is... Horrendous. Granted, "The New Order" (and "The Old Blood") did not have that good of a story, but it was good enough to keep you entertained through-out the whole game. "New Colossus" became too silly, and was not taking anything seriously, but it was somewhat tolerable, still. "Youngblood" goes even further with this, and it becomes so silly, that it's not really funny anymore. It's not just unrealistic, it is completely unrelatable and stupid. The sisters are annoying as hell, as if they were written by some teenager. Which could make sense in real life, maybe, but not in the world the game tries to depict.

But most of you probably play this for gunplay and brutality, right? To me it did not feel as good either. AI seemed much stupider than in previous games, and the main way to up the difficulty here is to throw shields on the enemies, which forces you to switch to different weapons, if you wanted to be more or less effective. It is trying to be an RPG, but at the same time it forces you to choose specific weapons, while the fun of such games is partially in ability to use whatever weapon you like. And while it may make sense in some fantasy game, not sure it makes one in a more "realistic" one.

Maybe it is more fun to play with someone, though. I played solo and sister mostly annoyed me. She could randomly decloak, would not crouch, when I did, her focus on enemies was inconsistent... But worse, her damage was inconsistent, too. Sometimes she could be shooting a soldier for a minute without doing damage at all, and sometimes - gone in a few shots. I was not able to find any logic behind that. Only guess is that there is some functionality, that is meant to promote you killing the enemies, and not your sister-bot.

I think the only thing, that I would not critique is level-design. It is quite good here and does promote exploration and revisiting places in a "balanced" way, so that you would not get boring of seeing same place too many times. I would prefer it to not have loading screens, but I do understand why they chose to use them.

As I said - if you want to buy it, wait for discount. And even if you do - do not expect much from this game.