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Finished "In Sound Mind" today.

You know how when you finish some stories you can feel... Maybe not exactly "catharsis", but some sort of "cleansing relief", I guess. Well, this game has this. Even more - it has 4 such stories inside of it, which you will experience as you finish the puzzles. And fights. Not sure if they were really necessary in a game like this, but they surely can spice things up.

It also sends an important message, that psychotherapy is... Well, "important". That it can help. Yes, it may be more difficult in some cases, but it still can be helpful. It can literally change your life. And if not that - at least, it can make things a bit easier.

But an even more important feature of this game is... Ability to pet the cat. In fact, if you do not pet Tonia enough to annoy her - you're not playing this game right.

Don't wait for a discount - totally worth full price.