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Artistically and in terms of design overall - probably even better than the first game. In terms of optimization - definitely better: I was getting around 200fps on Ultra settings, while 1st game was rarely reaching 60 even. The twist at the end is quite fatalistic and for some reason reminded me of Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" series, probably "Wolves of Kalla".

There is something "negative", I've noticed though. It happened in the 1st game, too, but it was far less frequent, enough to consider, that my perception of depth is poor and that's why I am failing, but in this one it was happening often with visible difference on screen... I am talking about running speed and jump length. In the first chapter I got killed by rolling tree because Mono was not running at full speed for whatever reason. More than once he did not reach an edge with a jump by a millimeter, even though in the next try, jump was done from the same position and was successful. But then a third try could fail again.

No idea why this is happening. Feel free to think (or even say), that I just suck at the game, but by tech-support gut tells me, that there is something wrong in the mechanics. Not that would stop me from recommending the game.