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It's a good game. Story is quite good. Not perfect, though.

Firstly, not sure about the art-style. It's going for a more realistic look, but still seems to retain some "cartoonish" aspects of Life Of Strange games (earlier ones at least) which make faces look... A bit weird at time.

Secondly, characters are not as deep as in LiS games. Or rather we do not have enough time to get to know them. Which is understandable, since the game takes place mostly over 2 days unlike LiS games. Which also made last "inside the character's mind" sequence less impactful and less relatable and relevant.

Thirdly, I think mind palace mechanic could have been more prominent through the game. At the very end it does start to show hints about characters, but only a couple of times. If those were implemented through out the dialogues of the whole game - that could be quite neat. And it could have been used to also get a read on the surroundings as well: normally the time "stops" while you are walking about, which is not immersive, but use of mind palace for that - could help maintain the immersion. Especially, since it was used for that at the end of the game.

And fourthly, I think they might have missed a big opportunity regarding Nick and some hints that Dennis mentioned about him. They went too mild in the end. It could have been juicier.

But this can be considered as nitpicking. Otherwise it is a solid game in the "interactive movie" genre. Especially, if you can get it with discount. Whether it's worth full price is somewhat debatable.