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This is something in-between Resident Evil and Layers of Fear, but with lower budget. The story is mostly ok, I guess, although I am not sure I follow the logic of the last 2 choices (or rather how we the character would come to such a conclusion for the "good" ending).

Unfortunately, there are quite a few things, that are a bit worse than story:

  1. It's a blurry mess even after tinkering with settings (turning off blur and TAA helps a bit, but not completely).
  2. Sound positioning is quite bad: sometimes it sounds as if someone is walking on your head, but they are not and vice versa.
  3.  Sound of your own footsteps is exactly the same as that of the enemies, so it's extremely easy to mix the two and be on high alert, when you should not be. Although may be this is intentional.
  4. There are a couple of puzzles related to sound and enemies do not react to them. And generally they do not seem to react to most of the doors.
  5. Then there is a puzzle with insignias, which, when solved, summons all the enemies (due to loud sound), but they can find you even if you hide before they arrive. And they are supposed to be blind.
  6. Got a bug, where opening gates across an elevator works, but I can't go through, because of invisible wall, which forces to go around.
  7. There are a few gameplay elements, that are poorly (if at all) introduced: tripwires, sound device, violet mist. There are also no logical hints for boss fight(s). I mean those, that would make sense if the situation was in real life.

So would I recommend the game? Well.. If you do like exploration similar to Resident Evil series (with similar puzzles) - probably. Preferably at a discount. Otherwise - probably not.