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No. Just no. There are lots of little things, that feel unnatural:

  1. Running is practically same as walking (animation does not even change).
  2. Interactions, that require holding multiple buttons (at least with gamepad).
  3. Interactions, that are too sensitive not only for the distance you are standing at, but also the angle you are looking at them.
  4. Bad voice acting.
  5. Not believable mother.
  6. Random flashbacks very early in the game, that do not tell you much. Would be much better to start with them, so that you started with a clear motivation for why you came tot his random place.
  7. Weird hand when "investigating" objects. Which does not allow you to see that much of the objects compared to when they were just... there.
  8. The place itself feels lifeless even considering that it was abandoned.

Last game in the genre, that I played was "Closer To The Sun" and even though I had some criticism for it, it was way better, way more immersive and engaging and believable then this one. I was not interested in continuing the game after 40 minutes of pain.