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I liked the general aesthetics (although some minor things did not make much sense to me, at least compared to similarly styled Bioshock), but the rest... Gameplay wise it's your regular walking simulator with a couple of chases. Characters are largely underdeveloped (collectables do not help much), The story is underdeveloped, too. The ending kind of begs for a sequel, so lore and characters can be, potentially, expanded, if it ever happens, but... Would you be willing to continue, when you do not feel much connection to Rose? Very difficult choice for me.

Then there were also sudden dips in FPS for no apparent reason and you can't adjust brightness in game. My laptop has a decent monitor, but I had to put its brightness to 100% and still some places were too dark. I mean to an extent you could not see a thing even with high brightness. Perhaps shadows were too thick? I do not know.

For aesthetics - 8, maybe even 9 at places with enough light. For the rest - probably a 6. Definitely grab it on discount if you like this kind of steampunk style. For the rest... Maybe if there is a sequel, grab it in a bundle, once it's available.