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Finished "Disco Elysium" yesterday. Or rather today, since it was 0:30am.
It's not perfect. Most "issues" are voiceover glitches, slight wording problems (not accounting to previous choices) and weird placement of objects (not accounting to fixed camera and inconsistences in map edges' design), but there are some major flaws as well:

  1. The way the time is implemented, which can cause a set of serious game-breaking bugs (time stopping seems to be most common).
  2. Unable to sleep in some instances despite meeting the conditions.
  3. Loss of fast travel (and the fact that you need to be in certain places to do it).
  4. Kim acting as if he had been present during lots of dialogues, even if he was away at the time.

But despite all that, in terms content this is a great game. It has lots of information about the world, that you can optionally get out of dialogues and objects. The interconnection of certain people and objects is just uncanny. I am really interested to see some kind of graph, that was used to develop all of it. And I like how grounded it all is, like there is always a chance to fail (even when a choice shows 97% success) and how you can close yourself off of some content as result of a stupid choice or even curiosity.

I do not know whether it matters that much "overall", but it definitely affects some of the important dialogues. Despite that, though, I am not sure if it's that easy to "role-play" in this one. I mean, there are certain "cop types" you can apply to yourself through selecting certain dialogue options, but it's not always clear which answer will add to which "type" and it looks like, theoretically, you can acquire all of them in 1 playthrough.

Still, it has a narrative that is worth buying it. Probably even at full price.