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It is a good sequel, but I do have some issues with it. In terms of the story, my main set of issues is the ending, because quite a few little things do not make much sense to me, and I definitely do not like how Shriek was abandoned.

But what I dislike the most is abundance of [potentially] game-breaking bugs. I can live with the game not being able to exit normally (I have to kill the process every time), but the rest... If you have a torch and get attacked by Howl, you will get stuck with a torch inside your hand, but... No action buttons, meaning you can only die. Or the fact that you can reach some portions of the game without having dash, but then, if you activate willow trees, that enhance it... You break the game entirely, because getting dash after that does not make it work. Meaning, that you may need to restart the whole game.

If you add it to the fact that some mandatory elements are more like "hidden", despite you actually needing them for progression, it adds up to be, at least, questionable and sometimes frustrating. Does it make it a bad game? No, it's still quite satisfactory gameplay wise, but I do still think that some decisions needed a bit more thought, to make it even better.