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Story line with D'Angelo seems a bit disjointed at times and does not properly explain thin-bloods to those, who are unaware of the term. Ending of Hope's storyline feels strange somehow, as well. The ending... Well, at the least, I'd end a final choice there. And, possibly, link the saves to the next game (but maybe this is done, I do not know at this point). And it's too bad, that only 2 characters you've helped come help you at the end, even if you helped all 4.

The Hunger system is unclear: visually and in general. it is also inconsistent, because some feedings and actions do not seem to affect the hunger at all.

Some pictures repeat themselves in areas, that are not even related. Nosferatu do not look that "ugly", even Bloodlines had them more beast-like. Characters could use more pictures, as well. At least different poses. I mean, the art is good, so why not?

Not sure about the limitation of only 2 stories per night. I think each story should have had a "timer" of sorts, that increased depending on your choices (where applicable), but still had a minimal value (like 2 hours, depending on each story), so that you could theoretically do 3 or even more stories at one night. On the other hand, that could leave an empty night or 2, but it could have been handled quite easily.

Overall, it's an ok game. It lacks depth in some places, and some choices clearly show, that some information was missed before (and thus do not make sense), but branching dialogues are not as easy, as one may think. It did make me remember portions of original Bloodlines game somehow, so the atmosphere is there at least, which is important for games likes this.