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Yes, from technical standpoint it's extremely unoptimized and glitchy, but that's something that I could live with, if the story was more... Well, more.

General flow of the story is ok, but some basics points about the world a not properly explored, let alone explained, which leaves the world underdeveloped. Characters are also mostly flat and uninspiring. There is a "trigger warning" when you start the game, and there are at least 2 edgy themes in here, but... Well, they could have been edgy, but they are actually toothless. One of them should definitely bring disgust, but I did not feel it all, because it felt... Out of place, ungrounded, superficial.

So, in my mind, it's not worth the hype. And not worth it's current price either (slash it in 2). You play through it and forget it. Bloober can do so much better, I know that from their previous games. I am currently doing an analysis of what is wrong with the game and how they could improve it (like I did with Detroit: Become Human (do not read, unless you finished the game)) and intend to share it with them: who knows, maybe I can be of use to them when making a sequel.


The promised analysis can be read on here. Beware spoilers.