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I first tried Unravel some time back and thought something along the lines of "looks great and it clearly wants to send some message about going down the memory lane". I had a chance to play a bit more of it and... Well, it got the looks and atmosphere, all right, it is pleasing to watch, indeed. But as a game...

Generally, as a platformer it's ok, but its physics seem a bit inconsistent, which makes some even obvious puzzles fail because of it. And there are places where the level or puzzle design is simply... Lacking. I am not talking of places, where you need to think a bit more to solve a puzzle. The best early example is an episode with kite: it's easy to get to it, but when you do, how are you to figure out, that you can actually control how it flies and that control is not dependent on your swinging?

So, my personally opinion - watch a walkthrough. It will please your eyes, you may like the message the "story" tries to deliver, but playing it.. Better try Trine series or something.