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Finished Moons of Madness. It has a very good and atmospheric start. But at some point roughly in the middle, it becomes... Firstly, there are quite a few things you learn about what's going on Mars and there seem to be too many of those with little reason behind them. It feels like cliches are thrown in just for them to be there. I understand it has portion of mysticism, but it does not mean there should not be some grounded logic. Or maybe I just missed some email, that would make a bit more sense to me.

Granted, all the flavor texts are quite good nonetheless, it's just that it does not feel like they were thought through far enough into the past of the the story considering the scale of operations here. But what that's ok, it's still tolerable for me. But the ending... It's clear it was rushed, especially with older mechanics working slightly different (very minor inconsistences, most will not notice them, but I there are there), oxygen tanks, where they should be none and overall it's just... Too fast and short. It may be excused by the higher dynamics prompted by earlier portion of the game, but, personally, I do not buy it.

I think the problem roots (pun intended) from the character becoming special. Like "special". You, essentially, get weapons against the threats. Yes, some of them are more like "puzzly", I guess, but the sense of danger and overall suspense just evaporates because of that. I mean, even flashlight becomes pointless. It also makes some of the characters you hear over the comms not just underdeveloped, but more like not developed at all.

If they would maintain the initial suspense through most part of the game and made it just a bit longer, just 2 more hours would be enough, I'd give it an 8/10 at least. With current setup, though... 6/10, I guess. Should you buy it then? If you like "space horrors" or Lovecraftian stories - yeah, why not. Maybe even at full price, since it's not that expensive. Will you be able to enjoy it? Probably, yes, if you will be able to "manage your expectations".