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Yesterday I finished Tell Me Why from DONTNOD. It’s a good game. Too bad its got blocked in CIS and some other countries due to one of the main characters being transsexual. I saw him as a guy, same as he felt as per game. There is an optional relationship with another guy (cool dude regardless of his orientation) and it did not feel… Wrong to me in any way. It may seem a bit forced, I guess, but overall mostly natural, at least, with the choices I made before that.

Speaking of choices: there are not that many of them in general and not that many, that will affect ending (although there are 2 endings and 2 epilogues, from what I understand). So in that regard, if you expected something at least on par with Life is Strange you may be disappointed. On the other hand, this a more… “Personal” story, I guess. About secrets, memories, trauma and, most of all, family.

While the story is not “grand”, but it manages to keep the mystery until the end and there are proper twists. Although, I still believe that one specific character was not explained, after all. Or, at least, I do not fully understand the meaning behind that character.

Either way, this is a game worth playing and, probably, even at its full price right now. Too bad that a lot of people will not be able to even try it out because of homophobic governments.